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Meditation practice for all

Ven. Karma Jiga MSc.,ABSM
Teaching Lead

Karma Jiga is a Lama trained in the Kagyu Tradition of Tibetan Buddhism & founder of the Dundee Buddhist group. He was taught by the foremost Tibetan Buddhist teachers for 30 years and has taught, set up and managed centres and projects in the UK, Russia, Eastern and Western Europe, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Mongolia . He is a former engineer , music teacher, award-winning musician & composer.

He has an MSc with merit in Teaching Mindfulness-Based Approaches and the highest assessed teaching qualification available from the world renowned Centre for Mindfulness Research & Practice (CMRP) at Bangor University in Wales & has also lectured in Mindfulness at the University of Dundee. His thesis is the subject of an academic paper now under review for publication in the prestigious journal ” MIndfulness” . Karma Jiga has also authored a short guide to meditation for beginners

He is a Qualified Mindfulness instructor with 20 years teaching experience and a Buddhist Mindfulness Teacher with 45 years practice and teaching experience. His practice experience includes retreats varying from a few weeks, to a few months, to a few years, including 6 months of silent retreat as part of the Traditional Tibetan Buddhist retreats of 3 years 3 months. He is also trained in  all the ritual, music, temple decoration, mandala making and received the pointing out instructions for the nature of mind both formally from Mingyur Rinpoche and informally during 35 years training with the late Akong Tulku.

mgMaggie Powell
Assistant Teaching Lead. 

Maggie has studied with Lama Jiga and other Buddhist meditation teachers from different traditions such Thich Nhat Hanh and with teachers from the modern mindfulness traditions of Jon Kabat Zinn and Mark Williams among others.
She …
Leads mindfulness sessions
has 8 years of practice experience
is a Buddhist Mindfulness Teacher

Maggie is  experienced in teaching from primary to secondary levels in the UK and USA, from able bodied to special needs. she is a pioneer in special teaching programmes and ground breaking teaching methods in both countries . This helps with her work in Karma Jiga’s Headroom (free) programme for those in need, for which she is both administrator and assistant teaching lead.

Maggie has trained in Mahamudra ( Buddhist Mindfulness) and the mindfulness programmes of Thich nat Hahn. She has also trained through  the Centre for Mindfulness Research & Practice at Bangor University young peoples mindfulness programmes (.b & paws.b) with the Mindfulness in Schools Project team and completed a professional teacher training in modern mindfulness with the European based Institute for Mindfulness-Based Approaches in Dublin.

Research Interest
She is particularly interested in investigating the benefits of educational mindfulness programmes for primary and secondary school pupils.